Design a product that can provide a personal health improvement plan, encourage and assist senior residents to complete the plan. 

Key Skills

Primary and Secondary Research, System Diagrams, Concept Presentation, Mockups

Course Advisor

Project Length

14 weeks


Gym Wall

Promoting a healthy lifestyle for the elderly






Today there are over 35 million senior citizens suffering from at least one chronic illness. For the last year, I’ve been working at Tech exchange, a non-profit organization, providing digital literacy training for residents of senior centers in the Bay Area. Inspired by the interactions with the elderly residents, I wanted to find ways that my design practice could support the community. After speaking with over 45 elderly people, it became clear that many of them want to improve their health. 

I brainstormed and showed my 10 ideas to the target audience, they chose these three for me. 

I validated my concept with more target users.

Concept map

Thoughts about Behavior Change