Research report

February 9, 2018

I talked to 8 people they are either Chinese Americans,Chinese immigrants, or Chinese students. 

1) Angela Wang, female,36 yrs old, housewife, Chinese immigrant, her husband is French. They live in Oakland(Piedmont). She moved to Oakland 3 years ago. She has two children(1 boy and 1 daughter). 

2) Helen Li, female,38 yrs old, restaurant boss, Chinese immigrant, her husband is Caucasian American. They live in San Francisco. She moved to San Francisco 4 years ago. She and her husband own a restaurant in Shanghai, China. 

3) Alice Chen, female, 34 yrs old, housewife, Chinese immigrant, her husband is Chinese. They live in Alameda. She has three children. They moved to Alameda three years ago. They have business in Zhongshan, China.

4) Alex,Li, male,36 yrs old, real estate agent, Chinese American, he came to American 17 years ago. He lives in Hayward. 

5) Jessica Yang, female,Asian American, CCA student. Her parents stayed in American 20 years ago, after graduated from grad school. She lives in Oakland.

6)Kendra Wong, female,27 yrs old, Chinese American, CCA student. She is the third generation of Chinese immigrant. She lives in San Francisco.

7) Jieying Yang, female,Originally from Shanghai, Chinese student of CCA. She came to San Francisco two years ago. She lives in San Francisco now.

8) Taihong Chen, male,Originally from Beijing, Chinese student of CCA, his grandparents live in Dublin.


 Interview script: Hi, My name is Ruitao. This interview is to understand the stereotype about Chinese people prefer pay by cash to credit or debit cards. The information I collect from this interview will be only used in our research and will not share to the third party. Do you have any questions about the process? Where are you from? How long have you been in America? What do you do? Where do you live now? Do you carry cash with you? Do you prefer to pay by cash or cards? Do you keep cash at home or save in banks? What about your Chinese friends or your family members in America? Do they like to spend with cash or cards? Do they keep cash at home? 


Research findings

Angela told me that her nanny has been robbed near Oakland bart station. At that time, her nanny did not bring much cash with her, therefore, the robber was angry and hit her badly. Angela feels worried about that if she would face the same situation, so she keep more than $500 at home, and takes more than $100 every time she is out. 


Helen used to pay by cash, especially in Chinatown, but now she prefers to use Apple-pay. She feels convenient to only take her phone out with friends. 


Alice prefers to pay by credit cards. However, some stores in Chinatown only accept cash, and also her children's Chinese teachers of the enrichment programs, such as drawing and gymnastics. Her parents only use cash, because they don't know how to deal with banks in English. 


Alex usually spends with credit cards, but some Chinese restaurants in the Bay area don't accept cards, so he prepares some cash with him. He was robbed in Oakland once many years ago, so he never takes too much cash when he's out. His mother works in Chinese restaurant of Oakland. She finishes her work late at night, so she never takes too much cash. They do keep cash at home, since her boss gives her cash for wage every month. She doesn't want to file tax, so she doesn't save the money into banks. She wants to save money.


Jessica prefers pay by cards. Her dad suggested her to bring some cash with her, because he worried about she would get hurt if she is robbed without cash.


Kendra prefers pay by cards. Her grandma likes to keep cash at home, because she doesn't want to deal with banks and she wants to save money.


Jieying  like to pay by cards. She thinks carry a card with her phone is convenient.


Taihong prefers pay by cards. His grandparents also like to use cards and don't keep much cash at home.



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