Strategy for the storybook

February 9, 2018

Fist of all, I will conduct an interview to find out how language barrier affect Asian American consumption habit. I will focus on how they pay for food and service, how they keep money.

Second,  I will Identify the insights from the research. Third, I will do a secondary research to learn more about why older generation of Asian American don’t want to use the service of banks from the academic level.

Then I will develop a story, iterate it, sketch the scenes, and create the book.

I will use the story arc to help me clarify the setting, struggle, climax, resolution, and ending. I will also use mechanics to create dialogue, escalation, inevitable surprise to make the story more interesting. I will use the style like comic books to illustrate the story with dynamic dialogue. I will create two main characters who are Asian Americans. The story is about their daily life in the Bay area. The story will reflect how Chinese culture influence Chinese Americans’ attitude toward money. In the story, old generation of Chinese Americans are able to pay cash for their homes as they regularly save 50 to 60% of their income, however, new generation of Chinese Americans are not doing that anymore. They get used to bank financial service in their lives. New generation spend their money on hanging out with friends, traveling, shopping, and eating in nice restaurant. I will make up a story to reflect this idea. I will make the storybook with paper cutting and voice player.


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