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February 16, 2018





























I felt challenged when coming up ideas with the story. I found it’s not easy to make a story interesting and close to the audience at the same time. I also worried about if I make it too simple and something that happened in our daily life, it would not be attractive to readers. I felt hard to make a story interesting and meaningful. I think if it’s a meaningful story, I should indicate my audience some significant points, such as teaching a lesson. However, it may be boring to them. Therefore, I tried many perspectives from the interview I did, such as robber’s side, two generation’s different attitude toward money. I also did secondary research regarding on this stereotype: Asian American prefer paying with cash rather than cards. Then I found out it’s the different payment habits between new and old generation. It’s very interesting that both of them have their viewpoints according to the researches. Both payments have advantages and disadvantages in our lives. There is not right or wrong in this case. Their different payment habits is the result of their growing environment from various ages.

I had a hard time making readers interact with the book too. I generated some ideas, but when I need to execute them into my book, I found that it’s not the same I thought. The paper is either too soft or too hard to manipulate. I think maybe the reader will need a signifier to indicate how to interact with the book. However, if I put too many signifiers the book will not that interesting, for the reason that there are too many instructions. I will find out how the audience feel when doing user testing.


Notes from user test: It should be more connection between the interaction and the story. The first page, after reader flip the tree, the character can pop up. The interaction should help to further the story. In the cafe, consider the way to show the two main characters talking and getting close to each other. There is a gap between the time to check out and the two payment potions on the next page. Readers felt challenged to understand the story. The mother character is not necessary. I can show the girl is shocked when seeing the long credit card statement. The mechanic could be let reader to unfold the folding bill. Grandma realizes that money is easy to get lost, but it doesn't necessary to be stolen. It could be leave at somewhere of the cafe or the train, or she accidentally gave to the servicer a wrong amount of cash. After they have some situation happened, there should be a moment to show they learn from each other's payment consequences.





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