Morning Writing – Why are you here?

February 23, 2018

Before I transfered to CCA, I talked to my academic advisor in College of Alameda. She suggested me to come to CCA for the reason that it’s easier to enroll classes and it’s small-class type which is more effective. She learned that I was from China, a country has a large population. I mentioned that I was in a large group of class since I was in elementary school. My class had 60 people. In that situation, I did not have a chance to talk to my teacher during class time. Also, many of my peers and instructors recommended CCA. I was also impressed by the friendly environment when I attended the welcome day in May last year. The most important thing is that CCA is near my home.

I studied Multimedia Arts in Berkeley City College before I transfered to CCA. I am interested in this field since I was in China. Interaction design and UX is a new concept to me at the time I decided to come to CCA. I want to become a game designer. At first, I chose Animation as my major because I thought that I would learn how to create interesting stories for different games. Then I found that I am more interested in how to communicate with the audience through interaction design. The characters and settings are important, but the more interesting part is that how to stimulate users to react with the game and improve their game playing experience. That’s why I changed my major to interaction design.

My favorite part of the coursework so far is that making the interactive book. At the beginning, I thought the mechanic should be the most significant part for the book. Then after I did the user test, I found that the story is more important, and the mechanic is only a way to tell a story. The meaning which I want to convey to audience is more important. I was trying to make as many as interaction in my book at the first place. However, I changed my idea in the final version of my book. This is not only how to make a book, but also how to do other projects and how to deal with the life I am facing. I also like the part collecting other people’s stories. Everyone is a unique book. They have different background, different stories. I never noticed that before.



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