[Project 3 : Explainers] Product Design Sprint

March 7, 2018

The Hampers: Ruitao, Hridae, Eugina

We are designing a search tool for CCA animation students.





 Journey Map


 Journey map


Group discussion 

 Group discussion



 A simple storyboard


 Key Screen

Exploring flows


Reflection on Process:

Through the working process, I found out how important user's needs relate to the interface design. At the beginning, I created a persona, which indicates the fact that main character is struggling on the current tool.The reason that the user is struggling is the key point of our new search tool. As a designer, it’s significant to learn about user’s needs and use our design to help the user to solve the problem.In the working process, it’s helpful for me to establish this concept step by step. I was impressed on the design process. The easy part for me is that to understand the user’s need from the interview and sketch them out in the persona. The hard part is that I need to use the design to help them solve the problem. The screen features design is a big challenge to me. In a short time, we need to generate an idea and make it out. I don’t feel confident about how the buttons put on the screen and how those functions work properly. I was surprised by the work that I actually completed in this short time, even though it’s not perfect. I would make the storyboard differently next time.



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