[Project 3 : Explainers] Promotional story for Hamper Search

March 15, 2018

The Hampers: Ruitao, Hridae, Eugina

We are designing a search tool for CCA animation students.

Product name: Hamper Search


Interviews Summary:

I did interviews with 4 animation students in CCA. Three of them are 20 years old and Junior student. Their working process is like this: receiving an assignment, generating ideas for the project, searching images or videos for references, creating their own animations and editing them. All of them use Youtube to find videos for inspirations or references. Most of them feel struggled with the time of searching process, the quality and the accuracy of the videos or images. They feel like to have a new tool to help them solve the problem. The new tool is better to provide exactly videos as they search, or and set up a community which helps actors and animators to collaborate with each other. Their instructor suggested them to act it out and draw it down. However, it's difficult to act for those animals and mechanical motion topics. That's the part they need to find videos fo reference and inspiration. They also mentioned that they would like to have a free reference library, which could save their time for searching process. 


Sprint materials


Journey Map









A simple storyboard


Key Screen



Exploring flows


Reflection on Process:

Through the working process, I found out how important user's needs relate to the interface design. At the beginning, I created a persona, which indicates the fact that main character is struggling on the current tool.The reason that the user is struggling is the key point of our new search tool. As a designer, it’s significant to learn about user’s needs and use our design to help the user to solve the problem.In the working process, it’s helpful for me to establish this concept step by step. I was impressed on the design process. The easy part for me is that to understand the user’s need from the interview and sketch them out in the persona. The hard part is that I need to use the design to help them solve the problem. The screen features design is a big challenge to me. In a short time, we need to generate an idea and make it out. I don’t feel confident about how the buttons put on the screen and how those functions work properly. I was surprised by the work that I actually completed in this short time, even though it’s not perfect. I would make the storyboard differently next time.


The final deliverable: video




I was trying to show a story of how Hamper search help an animation student to find reference for her animation project. The script is like this: Betty, an animation student in CCA, feels struggled when she could not find specific video for reference at first; one day she finds a new tool "Hamper Search"; She tries it and finds what she wants exactly in a second; she gets inspiration and starts to work on her animation project; she's happy to submit the assignment on time and watches what she has made once again. When I generated ideas for the video, I was thinking to film animals, children, or machines motion, because I was told that these subjects are hard for them to act and record for reference when I did interviews with the animation students in CCA. I filmed my neighbor who is a little girl, but the quality of the video is not good as what I want. Therefore, I started to find video tools online and read the project statement again. I found the useful tool listed under the examples. I carefully watched and selected the scenes again and again. I found some animals scenes very interesting and I tried to make an animation with a book. I was thinking that as I was turning pages very fast, the pictures on the book would start to animate. But I tried many times it did not work the way I thought. Then I found the robot scene and the scene of robot animation. I feel it's a good connection between these two scenes. The character looked at the robot movement for reference and created a robot animation for her assignment.  


The process





  Scene brainstorm


 Children gym class-observing the movement and film it for reference

Children gym class-observing the movement and film it for reference


 Scene brainstorm

 Scene brainstorm


Trying to make flip book animation

Trying to make flip book animation




Reflection summary

At the beginning, when I saw the examples showed in class, I was really worried about it. Each of the examples is very good at telling a story in a different but interesting way. I am concerned about how I can accomplish it within one week. To be honest, I did not learn how to film and edit videos before. However, I am interested in how a video present a story and convey emotions to the audience with various methods such as the scenes in the video could be edited into different order, using different perspective to film, and choosing characters for specific topics. In the working process, I learned that it’s important to convey the idea clearly no matter which creative way to present the story. Also, it’s significant for using the language for my target audience. In this promotional story, I was thinking if I want the users to pay attention to our product, I need to put our feet on their shoes, considering their situation, what they’re facing, what problems they want to deal with, instead of how to use different fancy ways to sell our product. At first, I was thinking if I can invite some famous actors or beautiful actors to perform in my video, which might be attractive to the audience. But then I realized that I should focus on their need, which is to search references in an effective way rather than spending too much time on creating special effects or inviting experienced actors. The story happens in our daily lives may be simple, however it reflects how we react to the world and makes the audience feel connected.



Create a Full Storyboard


User Test

I tested with two students in CCA. One person said she felt confused about the subtitle on the screen. She suggested to change it to titles or filters, which help Betty to narrow the options of videos. Also, she could not tell the difference between panel 12 and panel 13. She thought it's similar functions. The other person thought that panel 3-5 are not necessary for the story. She suggested that I should emphasize the selling point of Hamper search, how to use Hamper Search, and the problem of how Betty could not find the reference, such as showing the irrelevant videos. Moreover, I can show Betty's animation after she got the prize. It might be showing the competition website and clicking on Betty's award-winning work. 


What I learn from the tests

I realize that I did not explain well how Hamper Search helps Betty in her working process.What's Betty's problem? Why does she need to spend so much time to find what she want? As I search myself, I found that after I input the keyword "robot moving", it shows 4,860,000 results. I have to read the title of the videos one by one, and open it to see if the video is useful. I need to spend a lot of time to sort it out after I got this tons of information. I started to ask myself a question: why Hamper Search is unique. I have the concept that Hamper Search is a reference library for animators. If I go to a library to find a specific video, what happen to me? The librarian may should me what kind of video I want to find? I will probably answer detailed information to let him or her to help me find the one I want.For example, if I ask for robot moving video, the librarian might ask, what kind of robot do you want the video show to you? or What kind of locomotion does the robot act in the video? After I answer these questions, she or he will guide me to the section and give me some recommendation to me. In panel 12, I list a few filters on the screen. The reason why it's not clear is that it shows a lot of information at one time. As I recall the system class, it's important to make the interface"talk like a human." People won't ask several questions in one time, it should be one by one. Therefore, I need to put it into different screens. At the end, I should show the connection between the animation Betty made and the referenced video she found at Hamper Search.  


Version 2 Storyboard


The final deliverable: video: https://youtu.be/A-VjgqAQQPI





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