[Project 4 –Interactive Fiction (IF)] The Future We Deserve : Plan Set - REFINED

April 11, 2018

Glass World

The premise:

Sophia is a time traveler. The planet she lives in is getting polluted more  and more serious. She travels through different time zones to find a new place to live for her family. One day she travels to a new world, which is pretty nice and clean place. It locates under water and constructed with glass, while every person can see each other everywhere. However, because of this clean water and glass environment, inhabitants there don’t have any private space to hide any secret from each others. Even the time they spend on bathrooms, fitting rooms in the clothing stores or bedrooms in their homes, they can be seen by other people who are passing by. People there get used to ignore what other people are doing and how others react to their behaviors as seeing each other using restroom, changing clothes or mating. Since the glass houses surrounding by water are all transparent, people can see through every single place. Living in such a clean world, people understand that ignorance is strength for their lives. People Ignore how other people feel and how themselves think as doing something should be private. There is an unwritten law in this world, “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.” Which means everything you do should be completely comfortable to be known by others.









LINK TO PLAYTESTABLEVERSION: http://philome.la/b_ruitao/glass-world/play




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