[In Class] Ends Workshop – Capture the workshop & post your reflection

April 21, 2018



From this workshop, I learned a lot about the relationship between customer experience and product/service design. It impressed me in a way that the closure is very important to our daily life but we never think about to say goodbye to the products or services we used. The transition between an ole product/service to another new one should be considered as a significant section for a designer. I also learned the ways to convey the emotion to users and help them to create closure experience, such as making an emotional connection between the product and owner. The group discussions are very interesting. Colleagues in my group inspired me a lot. We generated many wonderful ideas together. In the first exercise, we wanted to create a closure experience to a pen, which is used to write down ideas, journals, sketchnotes and gives user power. We decided to put a seed on it, after it runs out of ink, user can plant it and transfer the feeling to the plant. For the second exercise, I realized that how the payment influenced the product or service in different ways. For instance, if we make the payment for education after delivery, the user experience and the arrangement of class schedule might be totally different. For the last exercise, we were thinking about the off-board assistant to eye glasses. We wanted to transfer the data of how frames are shaped by user’s muscle and the prescription from the old glasses to the new one as the off-boarding assistant.  



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