[In Class] Talk Prep – Make Me Care : planning, prototype & practice

April 27, 2018



I followed the instruction to fill out the five parts of the plan set. I practiced the talk by reading the notes one by one at the first time.

From the first peer review, Yuan told me that I spent too much time to explain the definition of iteration and she also suggested me to put the second story inside the personal project story.


The second time, when I was presenting, I tried to memorize the story but it's hard to talk like having a conversation and make the presentation smooth without generating appropriate transitions. From the second peer review, I got the feedback that informed me to tell more connection between the project story and the second story. 


I learned from the process which helps me to connect a lot of information together. I feel that it is important to speak to someone and test what is working and what is not. I don’t feel confident to speak out loud because I am always worried about my accent and grammar mistakes as I talk. However, if I don’t practice, I will never get improvement. Also, the second practice is very helpful since Grace was the audience in that process. She showed a smile to me all the time when I was presenting, which made me feel really encouraged and wanted to make more eye contact with her instead of looking at the notes. The second story is kind of a supporting evidence to the whole presentation. I was not quite sure how much time I should put on each part. But the main point is to show the interaction design principle, so I think I should focus on the personal project story and how it applied to my future work.



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