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Help parents with children aged 5-10 to develop a better way of parenting and understand their yelling has a negative impact on children's mental health by crafting a complete and consistent, out of the box experience for a cloud-connected device.

Key Skills

UX Design, Storytelling, Marketing

Course Advisor

Haakon Faste

Project Length

4 weeks


Soothe is a smart tool which helps parents to reduce anxious feelings and yell less at their kids. 







Qualitative Research with Parents

To begin understanding the problem I was working with, I conducted five interviews in person with parents that felt challenged to manage their temper when parenting. Questions included those regarding the yelling trigger, parenting style,  and difficult situations when they were trying to balance family and work. After the interviews, I compiled the findings I got from each person into groups based off of reoccurring themes. All the interviewees mentioned that they found themselves yelling at their kids for a lot of reasons. Some of them were raised by yellers, and they could not seem to kick the habit of letting their feelings spill out and land on their kids.


Parents are not aware of how yelling impacts the mental health of children.



"Without warning my son throws his toy car at his sister. She begins to cry, and he begins to laugh. The next thing I know, I'm yelling at the top of my lungs. I tell my son how sick and tired I am of his behavior and what a mean kid he's become."

--Jennifer, mother of a five-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter

How might we

help parents to feel and see the consequences of their yelling on their kids and to themselves?

Comparator Research

According to secondary research, I found out there are many products connecting parents and children. Most of the time, children are playing online game to learn math with Prodigy and their parents gain weekly learning report to keep track of the kids' math skills. Octopus Watch teaches kids the concept of time to establish good habits. Parents download the app and set up on their phones while children wear smartwatches. The watch collects data and sends back to the app, so parents can keep track of their kids' habit training.

Prodigy is a game for children mastering mathematics both at home and at school. It gives parents suggestions and lets them learn more about their kid’s struggles.


How do I encourage parents to pay attention to their negative emotion which hurts children's mental health? 


Children's words:
“Don’t make me.”
“My body is uncomfortable.”
“I don’t feel well.”


With that question in mind, I did two rounds of "CheatStorming" sessions to get as many diverse ideas as possible. Then I consolidated the plans and created 20+ concepts sheets and presented to my classmates for dot-voting. While ideating, I targeted the concepts towards parents with kids aged from 5 to 10, as many diary writing and drawing habits get developed during that age range. Moreover, young children have more challenge to express their feeling to their parents in person, and may not notice the effects of their poor communication until their mental health developed negatively later in life. Many can benefit from instilling these healthy habits at a young age.

After reviewing the ideas with my peers, I decided to combine two of my concepts. By expressing how children feel on the smart journal, the product transfer the data to their parents' app. I wanted to strengthen the experience and reduce children's screen time so I design a product to let a child actually expresses the feeling with a physical journal instead of using a digital tool. 

With my concept taking shape, I now had to figure out how to convey the experience. I investigated the mechanics and backend of my concept through system diagrams.





  • Let children express their feelings on the smart journal

  • Soothe makes their parents see it

  • Parents realize that their yellings harm children's mental health development

  • Parents want to get help from an expert


Provide children a space to express their feelings



One of the biggest challenges I faced was visually presenting information needed to be communicated, like a child's emotional state. I came to a design with data visualization and word analysis. The explanation helps the user to understand the diagrams.

I wanted Soothe's visual identity to be endearing and the interface to be clean and easy to use, with the focus being interacting with the child psychologist through voice assistant rather than through the screen.




To begin, a parent will first be instructed to sync the smart journal with the mobile app with a single-tap gesture on the journal. 

Parent will receive weekly emotion report to understand their child's feelings.

Click on the real-time suggestion, the voice assistant will give professional advice on comforting the child when a parent could not control his or her temper.


Child's drawing is sent to the cloud and analyzed by the experts.

What I learned and Next Step

Throughout this project, I’ve had the great fortune to work on this truly inspiring ideation process. I crafted a complete and consistent, out of box experience for a cloud-connected device. I generated 30 ideas by using cheat storming and had peer reviews in class. I learned how to analyze research insights and practice problem-solving skills. If I have more time, I will do user testing and iterate the product.